Friday, February 6, 2009

You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

We got our GMC Acadia in June 2007. It's a great car...drives well in snow, can hold lots of campers and equipment, is sort of purple :)

We've had this car less than 2 years and it's taken us to Orlando, Georgia, Delaware, Atlantic City, Niagara Falls--yes, it's been to Canada!--and Pittsburgh, in addition to all over the metropolitan Washington, DC and Baltimore areas. Here's the milestone for our hard-working car as of this afternoon:

When we used to lease cars, we were only allowed 12,000 miles per year. Thank goodness we own this one! And yes, it was a balmy 42 degrees this afternoon, after a high of 26 here yesterday. And yes, I'm almost out of gas. :)


  1. Hi Patty~ Just had to come by and bug you and say "Hi"... Have a great weekend.
    I looked really hard and I couldn't quite make out where the car is Purple but it's probably just me!!

  2. Note the key words "sort of". LOL It's actually a blue sparkly color, but in the right light it has a purply tinge to it. Doesn't come across in pics that way, I guess. Thanks for stopping by...hope you're feeling better!