Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Boy Scouting!

Today is the 99th birthday of Boy Scouting. Our church held a Scout Sunday Mass to recognize all Scouts...Boy, Cub, and Girl, as is the norm at churches all across the country during the month of February. We had nearly 40 Scouts and leaders in attendance in uniform. I was the coordinator for our church, and after Mass I was in the center taking attendance so the Scouts could get their patches when they come in, therefore I wasn't able to get a good picture of my boys in their Scout uniforms. So I'll share with you a few of my old favorites:

This is Nick, me, and JJ in February 2002 at a Blue and Gold Banquet in Plano, Texas. I was then JJ's den leader of 4th grade Webelos Scouts and Nick was a Tiger Scout. Shortly after this picture was taken we moved to Maryland and I started all over again in Scouting and became Nick's den leader of 2nd grade Wolf Scouts.

These next 2 pictures are of one of my favorite Cub Scouting events, the Pinewood Derby, circa 2003.

This is JJ and his car. It's designed like a block of Swiss cheese with part of a plastic knife secured to the "car". He painted on a license plate that read "CTTHCHZ" (Cut the Cheese). Such a sense of humor my elder son has! This was his last Pinewood Derby, as he became a Boy Scout the next month.

This is Nick's car. It's his favorite Pokemon character, Pikachu. His uncle helped him carve it out and Nick did all the painting himself. He was so proud of that car!

Happy Birthday, Boy Scouting! Here's to many, many more!

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