Monday, February 9, 2009

South River beauty, as seen from the road

We took a little drive to Annapolis today to see an old friend from my college days. We had a nice visit and saw some lovely scenery on the way home. The pictures don't do the view justice.

As taken by 14 year old Nick...I of course was driving:

Sunset over the South River, as seen from the small bridge passing over the river. The clouds are starting to roll in, as we are due for rain the next day or two.

Then we turned around and took a picture the other way, heading out to the Chesapeake Bay. There were a lot of yachts out there, but I guess it was getting too dark to see. Pretty water, though!


  1. Oh, you don't do the "drive & click" like me? (Face turning red...)

    Pretty pictures! I'd like to visit more of the East Coast coast. Only been to NYC (does that count, yeah, I guess so) and the Jersey Shore.

  2. Uh, not on a bridge, even a small one! LOL

    Yeah, NY counts! Anytime you want to come to MD and DC, let me know!