Saturday, February 7, 2009

Praise God and Pass the Basketball

My 14 year old son, Nick, plays in a basketball league sponsored by Upward Bound, a religious sporting organization that specializes in praising God through sports. As an 8th grader, this will be his last year eligible to play. Today's game was a blowout...for the other team. Unfortunately. Our team has a lot of heart and what they lack in skill they make up for in good sportsmanship. All my action shots have other teammates in the shot, and I don't know how to blur their faces. So I'll just post a pic of my basketball superstar, Nick:

We'll get 'em next week!


  1. Patty~ I am sure they will do better next week, though I think I would take a team that has some morals and sportsmanship over a winning team any day!! What a great way to Praise the Lord through sports!! Next time when you take an action shot just yell at the kids and tell them to move their faces real fast that will blur them wouldn't it???? Oh I am having so much fun between your blog and Patty's I can honestly say I don't miss the message board at all!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Haha...that would work if those boys knew how to move fast! LOL I'm glad you and Carrie are visiting here...I enjoy seeing your blogs, also!

  3. Aw, better luck next week. We have a similar program out here, too. I think it's neat that they focus on sportsmanship instead of winning. Our kids played Little League back in CA, and man, were some of those Parents just ridiculous. They'd yell and scream at their kids if they didn't do well. It's nice to encourage your kids, but if they aren't perfect then so be it. Praise them no matter how they do.

    Is Nick going to miss not being able to play or is he going to try his hand at High School basketball?

  4. I agree with the parents...that's why I don't like Parks and Rec here, because the parents are just like that. I don't think Nick's going to play HS ball, but JJ is interested in assistant coaching next year, and Nick could do that as well.