Sunday, February 15, 2009 cake!

Today started a string of appearances by our Boy Scout troop at Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquets. The banquets are a celebration of the birthday of Scouting, usually held sometime during February, at which the Cub Scouts receive awards and the 5th grade Cub Scouts "cross over" into Boy Scouting. The Pack we visited today had 1 boy crossing over into our troop, but he wasn't in attendance, so we just volunteered our services by cleaning up trash and, my favorite, judging the Father/Son Cake Contest. The cakes are "supposed" to be made solely by the Scout and his dad/male guardian, but we know that doesn't always happen. JJ took this picture on his cell phone:

Yes, this is a cake! It's a Tiger Scout with a fondant hat by his side. It was VERY detailed, with the entire tiger covered with the flower tip attached to a decorating bag, and a neckerchief made out of fondant with the Scout rank written in icing on the back. We had to give this one Judges' Choice, since it was the coolest cake there. But made by the Scout and his father? You decide!

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