Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Month's Worth of Life

It's been a crazy month. Once I was officially hired full-time by the school, suddenly I was required to provide lesson plans, reports, all sorts of stuff! I have been barely keeping my head above school. Don't even ask about the house. Yikes.

So in a nutshell, here's been my month...

Along with all the schoolwork, I also had to prepare for one of our troop's bi-annual Courts of Honor. I am the awards chair and have to bag up all the awards the Scouts earn. Since they went to summer camp, the boys earned 13 rank advancements and 142 merit badges.

After my classes finished the sewing unit, all but the 8th graders began the cooking section. We just finished Friday...I get a whole new group of kids on Monday. We made smoothies and a chocolate cake. Here is one of the more creative ones after they finished decorating:

 Nicky and I walked/jogged a 5K this morning to benefit the middle school PTSA and the high school cross-country team. We did pretty well, although it looked like we came in toward the back because a lot of the walkers quit halfway through. Weenies. Here we are after the race, leaning against the cross country coach's car:
We were whipped! It's very different doing a 5K on a street and doing one on grass, gravel, through the woods...But it was fun and for a couple of good causes. Maybe my class will get a SmartBoard out of this fundraiser. Nah.....

The topper happened earlier in the month. Our school has Students of the Month, voted by their teachers. There is also Staff Member of the month, one voted by the students and 1 voted by the teachers. Guess who won from the staff nominations?

Yep, there it is, in my room. Very humbling. I'm sure this was given to me as a token of appreciation for my years of subbing for all the staff members. But it's still cool. We just had another vote for October, so this will be leaving me. But I'll always know...And now I have a lot to live up to.

This teaching thing is pretty cool.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today I did another 5K--this time for the local hospital's Breast Cancer Research unit. With Eric out of town and Nicky being a Saturday slug, I did this one alone. Same place as the Pet Day one...down in Solomon's Island.

I didn't register in advance for this one, so I got there at 7AM to register and be sure I got my shirt. I then had an hour and a half to kill. Several sponsors had booths set up, so I browsed the pamphlets.

At 8AM one of the sponsors, World Gym (of which we are all members) did a 10-minute warmup for the race. Everyone was looking pretty goofy, but having a good time.

Even the frog mascot from one of our local radio stations got into the action!

And we're off! Right on time, too.

Believe it or not, this is the view from someone's front yard, at just over the 1 mile mark. I would love to wake up to this every day.

Here's a lovely shot of the Chesapeake Bay with the sun shining on the water. Glorious.

Our route took us right past one of Solomon's institutions--The Tiki Bar. There were people already there! (I hope just getting the place ready to open for lunch.)

I did OK this race...46:33, which is a minute and a half off my regular time. I'm not a runner...just walked with occasional burst of jogging, so I was pleased with this time. I'll get better as I go.

Here I am in my official race shirt:

And my very cool pink shoelaces:

I walked/jogged this one in honor of my mom, who was a 14-year breast cancer survivor before pneumonia took her away from me. This was for you, Ma.