Monday, February 2, 2009

More winter?

Darn it all, that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. Guess the cold weather is going to be with us a bit longer. Here's how it looked at our house last week during the dusting we were expecting:

We got 3 whole inches, which here in the Washington, DC area is an assured shutdown of all activity. We are expecting more tomorrow...another dusting to 1 inch in my area. Let's see what's in store...

And since I don't want to leave any of my wonderful pets out, here's number 2:

This is our rat terrier, Bingo. He's the loudest, most barkingest dog you'll ever meet. But what a sweetie, and so loyal. He just turned 7 in January.


  1. Patty~ I am so glad to see you here at blogger. You can certainly add me to your list. I added my name to your follow this blog. So great we can keep in touch.
    I love your pics of your dogs, they are so cute..
    I will be visiting your blog all the time..where's a picture of you???

  2. Thanks so much, Joann! You probably won't see a picture of me anytime soon...don't want the blog to self-destruct! :)

  3. You are so funny Patty, I posted my picture and it seemed to handle it fine, no self-destructing at least not yet...I even put one up of both me and Roger and even with his picture on there it didn't self-destruct so I think it would be safe!!
    Funny, Funny you...
    I am so glad you are here, now I can keep in contact with you and Carrie, that really blesses my heart.