Monday, August 3, 2009

Weird Things I Saw on Vacation

I saw some odd things on our trip to the Midwest...some that just kind of tickled my fancy, others which were downright weird. Here are a few:

Now I just HAD to Google this when I got home! What the heck is a Jake Brake? Apparently they are a type of compression brake used on diesel trucks that make a very loud noise. So Cambridge, Ohio, does not wish to see the use of them in their town. Too funny...

Yes, that's lots of dollar bills hanging in a bar! This is the popular Thurman Cafe in Columbus, Ohio that I spoke so highly of yesterday. For many years people have been signing their names on dollar bills--some fives, tens, and twenties, too--and the bartender hangs them up. The walls, ceilings, even counters are covered in money! And yes, there's one there from us, too!

I thought this banner was so funny. New York-style pizza. Why is that funny? We were in Chicago, on our way to eat Chigaco-style pizza. I guess some people are never satisfied...

Not a great picture, but Grant Park in Chicago was full of these metal flowers. There is a rotating art exhibit here. When Eric was here for the Obama acceptance speech in November, there were lots of legs on display here. I'm sorry I missed that one!

I have a better picture of this with feet in the shot, but for some reason it wouldn't load straight. This is the view of downtown Chicago, from the new plexiglass-floor box in what was then the Sears Tower. 103 stories straight down! I still can't believe I stood in that box and looked straight was more scary than weird!

I don't even know where to begin with this one. This was a picture that was hanging in the bathroom of our hotel in Chicago. Right over the toilet. I think that was a good location for it!

This was in the parking garage at the University of Wisconsin. I didn't realize Wisconsin was a tornado-prone area. Snowstorms, maybe...

This neon sign was in the window of The Mill in Iowa City. I have no idea what it is...maybe a business? A drink, maybe? Anyway, it's kind of amusing.

I guess pedestrians don't have the right-of-way at the University of Iowa! But hey, it's a smoke-free campus!

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