Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Bells are Ringing

Life has certainly been busy lately. First we had our long road trip to the Midwest, then I had to go to Georgia for my uncle's funeral, then I spent the better part of 2 weeks going through his papers and trying to get his affairs in order, and then I topped that off by taking yet another trip to Georgia, this time for a most joyous occasion. My brother Bill, after nearly 39 years of bachelorhood, finally took the plunge and got married this past Saturday.

Here is Bill and my new sister-in-law, Stacie, at their rehearsal dinner:

I bought the hats at Party City and forgot to give them to the bride and groom until the end of the dinner, but it was still funny. The rehearsal dinner was the last one at Washington Hall in Augusta; the place went out of business the week before, but thankfully honored their committment to Bill and Stacie. The food was delicious, and my brother, who is a huge trivia nut, arranged for his favorite Live Trivia guy, Mike Thomas, to do a Trivia Night after dinner. Our table came in 2nd, and we won little plastic trophies. It was a blast!

Here's the groom with his nephews, my boys:

Three good looking fellas there!

Here's the beautiful bride:

This is the table for the guest book, which I never saw put out. The bridal couple chose to pass out bubbles instead of birdseed to toss after the ceremony, and next to the bubbles is a picture of Bill's and my parents. So it's like they were there.

More pictures of the week to come...

Congratulations to B and Stacie and welcome to the family to Stacie and her 3 children, Caleb, Tyler, and Hannah!

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