Saturday, August 29, 2009

Warning...Cleaning in Progress!

We have some people coming over tomorrow to help JJ begin his Eagle Scout project. So it's clean! Arg!

First up...the dining room table. We usually eat at the kitchen table (or in front of the TV, but we won't talk about that now), so the dining room table sometimes becomes a sorting area or some sort of a work station. I've been using it lately for going through my late uncle's papers and taking care of his bills.

One end of the table was full of his papers! The other had clothing that we wore to my brother's wedding a couple of weeks ago that needs to go to the dry cleaners.

Here's the table now:

Paperwork dealt with, bills paid, and papers ready for filing. Clothing waiting at the door to head out to the dry cleaners.

I know, I know...I'm going! Right now!

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  1. Patty~ You did a good job! I really like the candle holder on the table, very pretty.