Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Sweetest Place on Earth

Nicky and I just got back from Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, where we attended the Boy Scout Wildlife Weekend. Yes, I actually went camping! It was a good time, although with Nicky and the other couple of boys that went around in our group, it was fairly tame. No coasters for these guys! Which was fine with me, as my coaster days are behind me.

Here's Nicky on the antique cars, right before I boarded:

And Nicky on the Carousel:

We did the Reeses Extreme Challenge, which is a laser-based shooting game/ride 5 times. That was a lot of fun and my score greatly improved over the course of the day, although I was still in last place among the 4 of us.

A must-see at Hersheypark is Chocolate World, which is free to the public at any time and contains the Hershey Tour, a ride that takes you through the history of Hershey's Chocolate. The tour ends with a small gift of chocolate, which changes every year. This year we received their newest item: Meltaway Kisses. These kisses are filled with a soft chocolate center that dissolves in your mouth like the chocolate has been left in the car on a hot day. Yummy!

We bought several bags. And they probably won't last 2 days.

Every day is better with chocolate.

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