Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cake, Anyone?

I just love wedding cake. My brother's wedding had 2 fabulous cakes for our gluttonous pleasure.

Here's the main wedding the detail and the "W" at the top:

And here's the groom's cake. Bill is a HUGE pizza fan, and this cake was made with him in mind. It was vanilla inside with chocolate marbling, and all the decorations were icing. It was yummy, too.

They were both delicious! I need to find a picture of my wedding was beautiful. Where is that photo album????

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  1. I enjoyed reading about the wedding and seeing the photos. What a special time! The wedding cake is beautiful and that has to be the most unique groom's cake ever. I love it.

    I am glad that you received the tablecloth. If you take a photo of it, let me know. I forgot to take a photo of it. I wish I would have gotten photos of me as I struggled into the postal center with all of that. I am working on a post about each giveaway. I have a photo of many of them and a link to Marty's post and photo of her matching tablerunner to your tablecloth. It just hit me that I would really like to make sure that everyone knew that I did send the gifts out and MORE important, to share the wonderful comments from the recipients. I read a couple of posts recently from bloggers about not receiving their giveaways. Basically, I have found that this is not the usual case. Most bloggers come through and it is such a wonderful thing to be a part of---both as the giver and the receiver or fun giveaways.