Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Great Chicago Food Experience

Eric and JJ are in Chicago, getting ready to come home tomorrow after a 2 day orientation at the University of Iowa. Eric very kindly (insert heavy sarcasm here) sent along these photos of their gastric success in the Windy City today.

They ate lunch at a restaurant whose name escapes me at present, but all the burgers are named after heavy metal bands, with heavy metal music playing. This is the "Megadeath" after the band Megadeth.

Eric said it was "awesome". Or words to that effect. I'm liking the fries off to the side!

Supper was at Lou Malnati's. Here is JJ with his creation, the deep dish cheese pizza. (No adventure among our kids!)

We'll all be there in August when we take JJ to college, spending a couple of days in Chi-Town. Can't wait to see what wonderful food I can find then!

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