Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 4--Finished! (For the Most Part)


There are still some loose items that need to go back in the cedar closet, but their home is already established.

I'm so happy! And so tired.

Here is the finished result:

The cardboard box is full of childhood books--some from me and some from my brother. We need to decide what to do with them, whether to save them for our grandchildren, or donate them for use now.

I thought I had taken a picture of this area where many of the boxes and bags were hauled to, but I didn't take one. Here is the area cleared of all of that, save the big screen TV, which will go back in the craft room until we can get it donated. (Anyone want a big screen TV, circa 2002?)

The couch was covered with blankets stacked 4 high and all the hanging clothes. Now there's room for Bingo and Muffin again.
Once the craft room is put to rights again and all its clutter put away in its proper place in the cedar closet, here are the next projects:

This is the Boy Scout troop records box. I haven't done any filing in about 3 years. (Ssshhh, please don't tell the Scoutmaster!)

And this! Ugh. Pictures from 1989 to about 2002, when I went digital. They don't call me a shutterbug for nothing. I really need to identify all of these pictures, eliminate the doubles, and put them in a file box.


In any event, Hallelujah for a clean cedar closet!

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  1. I'd say you did great! Mission accomplished!