Saturday, July 3, 2010

Craft Room--Ugh!

A lot of stuff from the cedar closet came out to the craft room, which is between the closet and the basement. A LOT of stuff.

I apparently didn't take a picture of all the stuff in the craft room after the closet threw up on it, but here's a before picture with the big screen TV in there:

The craft table...full of those Scout records that need to be filed (sssshhhhhh)...and a lot of pictures...

This side doesn't look too's my storage containers of fabric and crochet thread. Once the closet came was a disaster.

After a couple of hours, the stuff in front was put up and the containers were stacked again, with bags of yarn (afghan projects...some in progress) stacked neatly. The ironing board put against the wall, with the iron in the closet for now.

All the pictures and Scout records have been put away, but there is still a ton of stuff to put away here. Tomorrow.

Lots of stuff under the table, too. The blue basket next to the stuffing is all of Nicky's Cub Scout pictures, waiting to be scrapbooked. Later this summer. Maybe. It's only 4 years late.

Progress! Slow, but sure.

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