Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 3--Getting There!

Wow--so many pictures! So many. Between the shutterbug that I've always been, to all the pictures that my parents had (lots of them from me), to all the pictures from my grandparents (my granddaddy was the shutterbug himself--I must get it from him) to all the OLD OLD pictures from ancestors...


I still have a huge container of pictures that I need to identify that I've taken over the 20+ years that I've been married, not counting the 8 years I've been digital. It's considerable. But that's another project.

I got rid of 2 empty boxes and 5 bags of trash/recycling at the dump today. There are 6 bags of donations waiting for JJ to take upstairs and into the garage.


Here's the closet now...with a couple of containers added.

There are many blankets on the shelf. I may put them in a container to neaten things up a bit.

On the advice of my friend Brooke from Cleansweepers, I got a container for the many overnight bags and totes. Only the most-often suitcase and my overnight bag is out--laying on top. It looks much better. Thanks, Brooke! Plus, I decided to put the box of Beanie Babies in a container. It looks better without the overstuffed cardboard box.

Here are my archive boxes with all the old pictures. The boxes to the right are old newspapers. I thought I had bought archive boxes big enough for newspapers, but I was wrong. Next time I'm in Rockville, I'm heading back to the Container Store!

A couple of treasures I found today:

My Cabbage Patch kid! This one was special...she was handmade by the mom of my brother's best friend. I don't remember if she ever had a name, since i was in college when I got her. But I loved her so. I just found her shoes tonight, and I'll make sure she gets them on in the morning!

I also found some Thanksgiving fabric with turkeys that I intended to make an apron out of.

Oh, wait...

I already made it! Completely forgotten that I had made this apron already. How sad that's it's been in the closet how many years? I could have been using it every holiday.

I'll be sure and use it this year!

It's slow going, but it's progress!


  1. Patty~ YOu are doing great now when are you coming to my home to organize my craft room which is once again out of control. I feel embarrassed that all I did today was take a me day. You must have worked very hard and look how nice it looks.Tell Brooke I said HI next time you "see" her.

  2. I'm a believer in the see-thru totes, compared to cardboard boxes. It is much easier to remember what is where... You're doing great!