Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snow, Rabbit!

I guess I shouldn't call Nicky a snow bunny!

We drove to near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the troop ski trip to Ski Liberty. What a fun place! Cold, though, and too much snow. :)

I'm not sure why their mascot is a pig and not a bunny, but he was friendly and fun!

Here's my skier in action. Unfortunately, he only made one run and then got sick, so we had to leave and head home...with several stops along the way. But Nicky did a great job, and maybe we'll try again next year!

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  1. Hey Patty~ Will he be ready for the Olympics soon?? Did you see our new puppy on my blog?? She is so small and cute I knew you would like to see her!!
    Have a great week!