Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowmageddon, Indeed!

Good grief.

24 inches of snow? At one time? In one place?

This good ole Southern girl can't take much more of this!

First, an update on the shrub off our back patio, taken about 24 hours after the first one:

Poor thing...smothered by snow.

This big lump is our cute little orange Vibe. You can only see the mirriw and taillights. (And the windshield wipers from the front.)

I'm not sure if this tree is going to make it. A large section has bent over with the weight of the snow.

This bush looks better in the summer when the leaves are on it. This one also may be no's split in half by the snow.

I'm hopeful for this's bent a bit, but I think this one will survive.

Theses are the woods behind our house...very peaceful and beautiful.

This is the snowdrift formed after shoveling the driveway. It's almost as tall as I am! (Granted, I'm not very tall, but it is for a snowdrift!)

This is my garden flag. It does say "Be Mine" for Valentines Day, but it's been buried.

What's the old slogan..."Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night keeps the postman from his appointed rounds"? Nobody said anything about a blizzard! The drifts are almost to the bottom of the mailbox. I don't think we'll be getting any mail for a while.'s STILL snowing!

Good grief.


  1. Hey Patty~ What beautiful pictures! I love the snow but of course I don't live where it snows so I think of it as being very pretty but probably not that pretty if you have to be shoveling it and everything. Stay nice and warm and don't get swallowed up by a snow drift :)

  2. The pictures are pretty. You poor guys have had more than your share out there. But, you might as well keep it since it seems to like out east! :)
    Midwest (knock knock) hasn't been to awfully bad.