Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Boy Scouting!

100 years ago today Boy Scouting was born. American William Boyce was assisted by a British Scout while in London and brought Scouting to America in 1910.

Our family has been a Scouting one for 11 years. JJ joined as a Tiger Scout in 1998 and I ended up as his den leader. Nicky followed 3 years later as a Tiger Scout, and I became his den leader upon moving to Maryland in 2002. Now, 11 years later, JJ is an Eagle Scout and Nicky isn't far behind as a Life Scout with 2 merit badges and an Eagle project to go. I gave up my den leader days in 2006 when Nicky became a Boy Scout, but I'm a registered committee member and a Unit Commissioner with our District. Eric has been a committee member for 6 years and volunteers for most campouts when he is in town.

Here is a nice picture of both boys in 2008 after earning the Ad Altare Dei religious emblem for Boy Scouting in the Catholic Church:

Here's to another 100 years in Scouting!

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  1. We have been in Scouting since David was is 1st grade, as well. It has really been a fun activity for our whole family to do together. Jimmy will be ready to go in a few years, and David will then be old enough to help him! :O)