Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Back to Normal

The roads are looking pretty good here...there's still no school because it's taking so long to plow all the parking lots and clear the sidewalks. But business is back to normal in our little burg.

First stop: Safeway. The parking lot was about half cleared and no ice on the road or sidewalks. The shelves were a bit empty and there were no bags...we got our groceries a la BJ's/Costco/Sam's Club: in a box! But they had milk and deli turkey, and that's all I cared about!

Next stop: McDonald's for my fountain Diet Coke. I just love McDonald's Diet Coke! Right before the last blizzard they were out of soda, but that wasn't the case today.

McD's had some killer icicles hanging from the roof:

I'm glad I was in the drive-thru!

Next up: an Alberta clipper that will deposit another 2-5 inches of snow on us Monday night into Tuesday.

Are you kidding me? Jack Frost, it's time to head back to the North Pole: Santa has reported you missing in action!

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