Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It Just Won't Stop!

The falls and falls and blows around and just doesn't let up. I've never seen anything like it. JJ got out to attempt to shovel and we had 6 1/2 inches...on top of the 24 we got over the weekend.

By the time he shoveled the walkway it was already covered again. I told him to come on inside and forget about it for now.

The snow plows all over the DC area have been told to stop for now, as it's a worthless effort, with all the snow blowing around. Our street hasn't been plowed since last night. Baltimore City and Harford County in the northern section of Maryland have declared it against the law to drive in their jurisdictions unless you are an emergency vehicle. Against the law! Serious stuff here...

This is all the snow on our roof. I pray it's strong enough to hold all that weight.

The snow on this section of the deck railing began falling over from the weight of the snow a few days ago and froze into place. It's really leaning now!

All the inconvenience and hazards and loss of school time--school has already been cancelled the rest of the week and we have used up 7 of the 5 allocated snow days so far. The rest of the week off will put us at 9 nine days, 4 to make up. But still...I just love this picture of the trees in my backyard:
Just peaceful.

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