Monday, August 9, 2010

A Star is Born...


While Eric and I were walking down Bourbon Street last Friday, we popped into a bar called Treasure Isle. There was a live band playing that sounded good, so we stopped in for a drink and some music. We were the only ones there.

One of the musicians put on a tin washboard and scraped spoons down it and walked to the doors to try and entice customers in. After walking over to us at the bar, he pulled me along with him and took me to the stage area where he put the washboard on me and handed me the spoons. I played with the band through their 4 song medley of Johnny Cash hits...which I know all of so I sang along, too!

Here's a blurry pic taken by Eric on his cell phone...

He took video, too, but unfortunately the phone wouldn't let him send that large a file. Once he edits it down, he'll send it to me and I'll maybe post it.

Yes...I'm with the band. :) They're pretty good, too!


  1. Patty~ Can't wait to see the video! You look wonderful even if it is kind of blurry..WW is really working well for you.