Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Orleans...Briefly

Eric has been in New Orleans for the last 2 weeks...8 weeks out of the last 3 months. He invited me down to spend the weekend in the Big Easy...just me. I left the kids at home all weekend. It was weird, but I knew they were old enough to stay alone, and responsible enough. I was still worried and nervous, but VERY frequent calls home helped.

I got off the plane early Friday morning and found out that after all this time in New Orleans, CNN was sending Eric to Pensacola, Florida. Of course they were. With me having a return ticket from New Orleans home. Of course. So we took advantage of the few hours there and crammed as much in as we could.

First we ate lunch at Mother's.

It was pretty yummy. Lots of others thought so, too. They were really busy, even at 11 in the morning.

I decided to have the red beans and rice, with their "world's best ham". I don't know if it was the best, but it was really good.

We then started walking, getting as much in as we could. I'll post on some of the sites in more detail later. For's the mighty Mississip.

Should be the muddy Mississip. Wow, this river's dirty!

A walk down Bourbon street proved eventful.

But more on that later...

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