Saturday, August 14, 2010

Second Chances

Yesterday Nicky and I, along with members of our Boy Scout troop, helped out with our American Legion's Operation Second Chance, dedicated to those servicemen and women who have been injured in service to their country. They got to go fishing on the Chesapeake Bay, then came to the Legion for a barbeque, and finished the night at a local spa/hotel.

Our troop helped out with the barbeque, shuttling water and helping set the tables. There were so many other volunteers for this event there wasn't a whole lot for the boys to do. They had games they let the boys "test out" such as Corn Hole and horseshoes. There was also a dunk tank. The boys had a great time attempting to dunk the obnoxioud boy inside. That guy did a great job getting them riled up! Called them Girl Scouts. :) Then a Girl Scout (former) got up there and showed them how it was done. Yep--I actually dunked the guy--I didn't know I could throw a baseball like that! Somewhere there is a video of me actually accomplishing this feat...but I haven't seen it yet.

Here is one of the boys trying his best:

The Scouts waiting for the vets to arrive:

Here they come with police escort:

The vets arrived in style on one of our local school buses...

Some of our boys welcoming them with waving flags (Nicky is in the middle):

They're ready for some food and games...and lots of good music courtesy of an excellent DJ...

After everyone was settled Nicky and I challenged each other in a game of Corn Hole:

Neither of us won...we didn't come anywhere close!

I think this banner said it all:

Thank you all...I hope you enjoyed your well-deserved day.

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