Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aw, Baby Stuff!

I finally finished a baby afghan tonight that I began Spring 2009. Several people who could have received the afghan have had their babies and they are all now walking. So now I'll give this to my new next-door neighbor, who is expecting her first child in mid-September.

The year's work:
Shades of sherbet!!!

I'm glad that's done. I have another afghan I've been working on since last summer...let's see how long it takes me to finsh THAT one!


  1. Very pretty! Love the colors! I crochet too, but haven't done any in quite awhile! Too many crafts, not enough time!

  2. Could you email me at janda082803 (@) yahoo.com -- I wanted to get your favorite color and mailing address, to send you a camera case... :o)
    Your blogger comments are set to no-reply, so I couldn't reply back to your comment...