Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcoming in the New Year in the Big Apple

We're not totally crazy...we weren't in New York City for the big New Year's Eve festivities!!!!!

The family and I went to NYC New Year's Day for a very fun-filled weekend. I've always wanted to visit during the holidays, and this year we finally decided to do it. We took a bus from DC and it was great to let someone else do the driving for 4 hours!

After getting off the bus, we saw this famous landmark:

The street sign is a bit small, but yes, that's 34th Street! We didn't get a chance to go see if Santa was still at Macy's, though.

After settling in at our hotel, we walked over to Times Square.

Here's the reason for all the visitors:

I couldn't believe how high up the ball was!

Just look at all these people! And there was actually a break in the road...there were so many people we were running all over each other. Ugh. Too crowded. But still a blast!

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