Monday, January 4, 2010

A Gastronomic Feast for the Senses!

New York is full of great food. Pizza, of course, but there's so much more. Here's a sampling from our New Year's trip.

Patzeria was recommended on some website Eric found. Right in Times Square, but on a side street, so there's wasn't a lot of foot traffic. Only seating for 6 people inside, and we missed out, so we ate outside at the street-ordering window (closed for the winter). It was my first pizza since starting Weight Watchers back in October, and it was worth the wait. Yum-o!

And yes, I had the pepperoni! It was wonderful.

New Year's night we ate at this place:

It was recommended as an affordable place to eat near Radio City Music Hall. The Boeuf Bourguignon was really good, but I could have done without the boiled potaotes (right out of the can, if I'm not mistaken). Eric had poached salmon, and he didn't much care for it. It looked a tad pale. Nicky didn't care for the chicken tenders--they were more like chicken fries. JJ just had plain noodles and he was good with that. It was a fun atmosphere, but I'm sure the food would have been better elsewhere.

Saturday we took a cab to the Greenich Village area, and ate at this pizza place:

Check this out:

The Food Network proclaimed this place the best pizza in New York! (Doesn't Nicky looked thrilled? ) I only had a chicken Caesar salad, but the 3 boys said it was definitely pretty danged good pizza!

After lunch we had a little dessert:

Rocco's was a great little bakery on Bleecker Street and they had some fabulousness!

Look at all this glorious sweet stuff!

Chocolate pudding mousse...have mercy...


Here's what we came and whites. I only had a taste. But what a taste it was! This place was scrumptious, and is on my must-see list (must-taste list?) next time I'm back in New York and not counting WW points.

Saturday night we ate at this cool little diner near Rockefeller Center. The food was pretty good and not expensive. I had a yummy pot roast with mashed potatoes and corn. Lovely. Eric had stuffed peppers that reminded him of dear old Mom. The kids had their usual staples (see above) and they both enjoyed their suppers.

Loved this metal sculpture in the restaurant:

Sunday we just ate at Wendy's. No picture needed. Ha, ha!

Next visit: more pizza!

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