Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New York Through a New Yorker's Eyes

Last Saturday we took a walking tour of New York City guided by a resident of the city. His name was Nathan and he lives on the Upper West Side. He;s not a native of the city, but has lived there for 10 years, so that was good enough for us! We had a very enjoyable 3 hours and 6 miles with him...he showed us some great sights!

We met him in Greenich Village, near Bleecker Street Pizza, where we had lunch. We began by touring one of the cute neighborhoods in Greenich.

Recognize this building? It's Central Perk, the coffeehouse from the TV show Friends. Very cool!

This is supposedly the smallest house in New York City. The car in front is linger than this house! Just sold for over $4,000,000. Unbelievable. Side note: the poet Edna St. Vincent Milay used to live here.

Off to the bar section of Greenich Village:

Cafe Wha? is a very famous nightclub in the Village. The likes of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix performed here. It's still in business today.

Can you see the Christmas sign? Yes, it says NoHo!!!!!! I never knew there was a NoHo: only a SoHo. Splitting the two areas is Houston Street (pronounced "Howston"). So everything north of Houston Street is NoHo and everything south is SoHo. Too funny....both areas were very fun and trendy...and crowded!

This very ordinary-looking building is where Heath Ledger died. His last home...very sad.

Little smelled so good here! didn't smell very good here! :) Lots of fishy smells...ick.

This was very the early 1900's this was an underground passage that was used in Chinatown by the gangs to transport opium. Now it's an underground business area. Dentists and shoe opium sighted!

This is the Brooklyn Bridge...we didn't walk across it because it was too cold and windy. Maybe next trip.

This is Mayor Bloomberg's house in downtown New York. Nice little place... :)

Our tour guide took a nice family picture of us at City Park, where all the ticker tape parades end. There is a list of all the honorees that have been there. It was very pretty there, even with winter upon us.

Here's another very sad site...Ground Zero. Construction on the memorial is coming along nicely. But it's very jarring to be among all the skyscrapers and then round a corner and see all this empty space downtown. The memorial is supposed to be 1,776 feet high...over a mile. Notice the feet line with the Declaration of Independence.

The Financial District...Wall Street! And look!

They have their own Christmas tree!

After all this walking, it was nice to finally sit down! We took our first ride on a New York City subway. It was cleaner than I expected, after seeing all those movies with dirty and trashy subways.

We had a great tour of the if only our hotel had a hot tub! We were sore!

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