Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Annapolis, Our State Capital

It's not often that I'm allowed at the high school, interacting with students and teachers. Today, my son allowed me to chaperone a field trip with the 11th grade AP Government students! Must be because it's Leap Year Day. :)

We went to the State House in Annapolis, our state's capital building.

This picture was taken after the tour, as it was POURING to beat the band when we got there and stopped only about an hour before we left to head home.

The flagpole on top? One of Ben Franklin's first lightning rods. Yup. Ben Franklin.

This is the state seal on the floor of the rotunda. It took over 4000 tiles to create the seal. Wow.

I did my best with this one, a picture of the glass at the top of the dome. I had to lean over a railing and battle my vertigo to get this one. It's made by Tiffany. Yeah, THAT Tiffany. Just beautiful.

This is one of the committee rooms. Empty except for 130 11th graders and their chaperones. 

The ex-CNN employee in me wanted this picture.

Early on in our tour the students had their picture made with the President of the Senate, Mike Miller, who also just happens to be the State Senator from our little county.They usually take a full group shot on the capital steps, but since it was POURING, they were in groups of 50 inside. Nick is 4th row from the back, 2nd from the left and a black hoodie and green T-shirt. NOT the kid with evil eyes--that is Joey. :)

This is an old flag--8-pointed stars and stripes that begin with white instead of red. I either didn't hear the explanation why, or the tour guide didn't know. It was still pretty.

This statue of George Washington stands in the old Senate chamber, where he famously resigned his commission in the military. Several years later the states came back and asked him to be the first President of the United States. He accepted. :)

The actual spot where George stood. After taking this picture? I stood there, too. History in the making!

We got to sit in on a session of the Senate, debating and voting on bills. These are the State Senators.

The white-haired gentleman in the back is the Senate President.

It's a tad blurry, but this is the voter board, so everyone can see who voted and how. Everyone approved this one, as all the dots are green.

 Here's my little AP Gov student, Nick, after the session was on break.

It was an interesting day...I just wish we had been able to tour the grounds. Maybe next time. 

Maryland, my Maryland...

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