Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Not-So-Fit 5K

Today Eric, Nicky, and I walked a 5K to benefit Nicky's high school's yearbook staff. (Due to the cold weather making me wheeze and I didn't have my inhaler, I ended up only doing 2 miles. But whatever.) The teacher organizing the event was chosen, out of hundreds of submissions, to be a member of CNN's FitNation triathalon this year. Here is a link to her blog, which has her audition tape and her workout schedule, along with her trials and tribulations of learning to endure a triathalon.

We just signed up to do the 1-mile FunWalk on the track, but Eric and Nicky did 13 laps, for 3.25 miles. I did 8 laps for 2 miles, wheezing and all.

Here are the boys...

There were more people out there, just not in the picture. We were sharing the track with the track teams and their practice. Most of the walkers chose to walk the cross-country course, which was the race course for the 5K. Nicky preferred the track, so there ya go.

Here I am afterwards with my race number, which of course counted for nothing. :)

Sigh. I really need to get back on my eating plan. I look terrible. Again. And feel it, too.

Let's do this.

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  1. Patty~ Congrats to all of you , 2 miles isn't nothing, you did great:) I couldn't do probably one mile :) :)