Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arrow, Arrows Everywhere

Tonight I had the privilege to attend an Arrow of Light ceremony for one of my Cub Scout Packs. The boys and their leaders decided to have a separate ceremony for this last rank of Cub Scouting before they "cross over" next weekend into Boy Scout troops. After a delicious potluck dinner, the ceremony began, performed by the Ceremonies Team of Scouting's Honor Society, the Order of the Arrow.

This is Kathleen, one of the sponsors of the OA, banging the drum signifying the start of the ceremony. I think she had some aggressions to work out, because she was banging VERY LOUDLY. :)

The Ceremonies Team brought out the Webelos Scouts who were receiving the awards.The boys are blindfolded with the neckerchiefs until they are brought to the front of the room. I'm not sure of the reason why, but they seemed to enjoy it.

This is the Master of Ceremonies, describing how great Scouting is and what an honor the Arrow of Light is.

The Scouts enjoyed the pomp and ceremony a great deal, and the OA Scouts did a great job. These are the boys...the MC in the middle and the other 4 Scouts are the 4 Winds, illustrating the 12 points of the Scout Law.

All in all, a very somber and very respectful awards ceremony. Congratulations to all of the boys receiving the Arrow of Light!

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