Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cub Scout Cake Bosses

Once again, the weekend finds me at a Blue and Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts. Pack 789 is our former Pack, when my boys were Cub Scouts. This time our troop was there, as well, as we were receiving 3 boys into our troop at the crossover. 

The facility was dark, so no pictures of the actual crossover, but as always, our former Pack puts on a fabulous Father and Son cake contest. The cakes get better and better every year.

As Commissioner of the Pack, I got to be one of the cake judges. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. It was actually hard to decide some of the categories, as the cakes were really good. The rules were: made by a father and son combo (or at least a male adult and Cubbie), and everything must be edible.

Loved this Pinewood Derby track! (The flags were part of a table decoration, and not part of the cake.)

This teeny star, made by my young friend Mateo, was hands down the winner of the smallest cake!

Nice job on this replica of a Cub Scout hat.

I'm not sure how much adult intervention was needed for this cake, but I enjoyed the Cub Scouts made of fondant.

Many, many, many mini-angel food cakes made up this, the tallest cake award winner.

While the Banquet was held in February, this young Scout is clearly looking ahead to March!

God Bless America. This was probably the healthiest cake in the bunch!

A very nice re-creation of the old Webelos badge.

Bad baby! This one was disqualified from judging because the doll was not edible, but I still thought this was pretty funny.

A good ole Scout campfire, made of iced cake balls.

 I spoke to the Scout who made this cake, and it was an interesting story behind this. He was making a pirate ship (the theme of this summer's Cub Scout Day Camp is Pirate Adventures) and it collapsed upon removal from the cake pan. Not to worry--it's a Pirate Shipwreck! Very creative. I voted for this one for Most Creative, but I think there was a mistake tallying the votes, because it didn't win.

This cake was unbelievable. All the tiny stars that made up the Cub Scout was freely admitted by the mom that she made the cake. Unfortunately, it was disqualified because even without the admission, it was OBVIOUSLY not done by a 3rd grader. But I really liked it, so I included it in my gallery.

My young friend Casey made this lovely pool cake with teddy bears swimming. Mom tried to find Life Savers to add for preservers, but the candy machine was sold out. It still won an award.

And Judges Choice went to this one, the garden. It was awesome. Up close you could tell that it was kid-made. Very nice!

My Nick wanted to know why we didn't do cake contests in Boy Scouts; he got lots of great ideas while he was there. I told him to organize one of his own. He declined. Too much work. :)

Great job by all the Cubbies and Dads!

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