Saturday, December 4, 2010

In the Christmas...Parade

The little town by the Bay, North Beach, held its annual Christmas parade today. The organizers asked our Boy Scout troop to be the color guard. Scary.

Nicky and I got there and found the Cub Scouts walking with us. No flags. Found the organizer. No flags. Called the former Scoutmaster, whose son was supposed to get the flags and bring them. Still asleep. 20 minutes until the start. One of the moms quickly went to the Legion to get the flags and fight the traffic to get back. No flags at the Legion. (Where they ended up no one knows.) Luckily the mayor's wife heard and ran to the Town Hall, and we used the town's flags. Problem solved. Yikes. They probably won't ask us back next year!

But here we go...we were spot number 1. We started the whole parade off! Way cool.

 That's Nicky on the left, followed by Patrick, Eli, Jeffery, Jesse, and Matt. I jumped in behind them after taking this picture, so I got to be in the parade, too!

 I loved this old-time bicycle. I don't know how he does it!

 Um...yeah. Santa, you need to cover those legs up. Not pretty.

 This little pooch couldn't keep her tongue in! Such a cutie...loved the lacy collar!

 I didn't know Bert and Ernie were so...feminine. Look at the skinny legs!

 This was a float for the local dance studio...they had their final Christmas production today after the parade. Beautiful costumes! Lovd the snowman.

 Here comes our high school marching band! We were calling out to all of our friends in the band, trying to distract them. They were coordinated enough to keep playing AND acknowledge us! Nice.

 The Purple Hat Society! When I am old I shall wear purple...well, I wear it now, so what does that make me? (Don't say it.)

 Loved the parasol!
 This poor dog...bells around his ankles, too! What a good sport!

 Santa Chicken???? That's a new one. Representing one of our local chicken restaurants.

 Santa wants a hog for Christmas!

 This one was on the naughty list. He only got an orange scooter.

 Our local theater group is performing "A Christmas Carol". Here are a couple of the actors. Loved the costuming!

 Papa's in the house! Papa John's sent a slice of pizza to the parade. No free samples or coupons, though.

 The penguin is a mascot of a cute little ice cream shop right on the Bay. He was very friendly.

 Mrs. Claus arrived in style behind a John Deere tractor.

 She was travelling alone...Santa was already set up at his station, hearing wish lists from all the good little boys and girls. Disappointing that he wasn't in the parade, though. It's not a parade without Santa. I think he was in it, but got off at the grandstand to set up. We were past there, so we didn't get to see him. Bummer.

 Here are the boys had already left, but here are the others. Nice view.

 The North Beach Christmas tree. Beautiful, and right on the Bay. Wow.

And of course, the Reason for the Season. This cute manger was set up for kids to dress up and have their pictures taken with various manger animals.

Merry Christmas! I just love the season.

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  1. Love the house in the back ground behind the high bike.