Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Secret Snowman Gift

I am participating in a Secret Snowman activity at school for the season. All week I've been leaving little trinkets in the mailbox of my secret snowman, and I've been receiving presents in return. We did have 2 snow days this week, though, so there will be a glut of gifts come Monday.

My person likes sewing, and blue, so I combined the 2 for the final gift; a crocheted scarf.

I crocheted this with Lion Brand yarn in Colonial. The pattern is "Wedding Favor Scarf" on Lion's website. It was really easy and crocheted using only 1 skein of yarn.

I hope she likes it. If not, I'll keep it!


  1. Patty~ I love that scarf, the color is so pretty. I am sure the person it is for will love it too.

  2. How fun is that? Love the scarf!