Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Little Christmas Crafting

I made the easiest project today. I actually made 4 of them in 10 minutes.

 Feather boa trees!

 It was so easy...I bought large styrofoam cones and feather boas at Michael's. Insert a straight pin into the rope at one end and attach to the top of the cone. Wind the boa around to the bottom, and insert another straight pin into the end rope and attach to the bottom of the cone. Voila! A cool Christmas tree.

Then I made 2 white ones. I like the colored ones better, but I think the white ones would have been cool with gold thread running through.

I'm taking the 2 multi-colored ones to school. I think the kids will like them. I know I do. And such a piece of cake to make!

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