Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Tis the Season

Ah, I love the holidays. I officially ushered in the Christmas season by attending our county's annual Festival of Trees, to benefit our local Hospice House.

 Uh, oh...don't tell Mrs. Claus, but it looks like Santa is stepping out on her!

 God Bless America!

 One last gasp of fall...I love the colors in this tree.

 Grandma had a tree showing all her cooking skills.

 CANDY! Yum...

 Ah, the Toy Story tree. One of my favorite movies!

 Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. There were lots of bells on this tree!

 This tree was my favorite. I loved the blue, and the tree had a light dusting of snow. It was just beautiful!

 Good grief, it's a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

 Aw, they put me on the tree! :)

 My favorite color---a tree all in purple!

 A wonderful message for the season and for life...Just Celebrate.

And my favorite Christmas picture of the day...

Our Christmas card picture for 2010. The boys in their Iowa shirts and the dogs shivering in the cold.

Bring on Christmas!


  1. All the trees are beautiful! Hard to choose a favorite - probably the one with bells! :O)
    Love the Christmas card photo!

  2. Patty~ All of those trees are pretty but I am with you on the purple one, purple is one of my favorite colors...Love the photo and those little dogs look so cold, but then so do the boys:)I am waiting for Christmas too but more for it to be over with, Mattie won't be home for Christmas until next I just want it to go by very fast and soon it will be Christmas next year, then I will be having a merry Christmas.