Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Playing Tourist in My Own Town

My brother B and his wife Stacie are in town for JJ's graduation. Since Stacie has never been to Washington, we decided to take a whole day and see as much of DC as possible. We did a pretty decent job. :) We were exhausted! We must have walked over 10 miles.

Here's my brother and his obligatory pointing-at-something picture, in this case, the US Capitol. What a dufus!

Stacie's holding up some weird sculpture at the Sculpture Garden near the Smithsonian museums.

JJ and Nicky are with Aunt Stacie and Uncle B near the White House. The President was not at home on Tuesday. :)

B and Stacie doing their best impression of the Washington Monument.

The World War II Memorial--it's very awe-inspiring.

The Vietnam Memorial--The Wall. Wow. Too many names here. Way too many names.

I love this view down the National Mall from the Lincoln Memorial all the way to the Capitol. Beautiful.

JJ and Nicky pay their respects to Mr. Lincoln.

The Korean War Memorial. The detail in the faces is unreal. It really looks like the soldiers are looking right at you.

We also did the Air and Space, American History, and Natural History museums. It was a great day, but very tiring.

Washington is my kind of town...lots to see and do...and learn from.

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