Friday, June 25, 2010

Flower Power!

I love flowers. They make me happy. Since I rarely receive flowers from any of my guys, I usually buy them myself while grocery shopping. Yesterday, I hit the mother lode. Our Safeway had just gotten in a supply of Gerbera daisies. Wow.

I got some for the dining room...white...with a couple of green hydrangeas thrown in...

Some for the kitchen bouquet of yellow and a beautiful bouquet in orange with yellow centers.

Look how beautiful they are!

Nicky made a lovely potted plant holder for a Boy Scout project this week; he earned the Carpentry merit badge, one of the "historical" ones being offered only this year of the Centennial. He painted it his favorite color: red.

So I found a potted Gerbera daisy in bright yellow...the green wrapping detracts from it a bit, so I may remove the paper.

This is in the living room. Right by the TV.
Gotta love flowers!


  1. Patty~ those are so pretty!! Hey do you know why Carrie isn't posting on her blog anymore.Maybe she is just too busy??
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful flowers - they always make a room so much brighter, don't they?
    LOVE the pot holder bench that your son made! Jim (dear hubby) will be the instructor for the historical Carpentry merit badge for our troop! (David asked him to, so how could he say no?!) I will have to show them this post! Tell Nicky good job!