Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 1--Complete!

I got through the first day of the Great Closet Cleanout. Wow! What a mess.

I rehung all the clothes...that I didn't get rid of...on matching red hangers from the Container Store. Very cool. I rewashed all the blankets that were in the floor, and they are now on the shelf.

Here's the pile of stuff I'm getting rid of:

I did got through one bag of stuff from my parents' house that had a lot of old pictures. Here's one of my dad that I don't remember ever seeing before. He's missing a front tooth, so he must have been about 5 or 6.

I also found JJ's Cub Scout patches in a box of his books, magazines, etc. from when we moved from Texas. It had never been opened in 8 years. I needed the patches for his Eagle ceremony back in March. Just a tad late. But at least I found them

I can't wait to see what treasures I find tomorrow!


  1. Patty~ Good job, you are making great progress. Hope your momentum keeps you going.

  2. Good for you! Love the pic of your dad! Always good to find treasures like that, and the Cub Scout patches! :o)