Sunday, June 27, 2010

Down By the Bay

My Nicky has gone for a week to Boy Scout camp. (Sniff)

I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time, but I'll miss him.

I took some thing over to a committee member in our troop who's heading to camp tomorrow...some missing papers that were turned in today, some counselor forms (I'm hoping the dads there will have some extra time and become counselors for merit badges), and I picked up some good headphones for Nicky's iPod. The man lives over near the beach, right near the Chesapeake Bay. I took advantage of my lighter schedule today to take a little walk down to the Bay.

Rain was moving in to the north...getting mighty dark there.

A boater was taking advantage of the nice, though VERY hot weather.

The place I walked to was a memorial for those who've lost their lives in the line of duty. Mostly for the local police, fire, etc. These beautiful flowers grace all sides of the memorial.

We need to take advantage of living 7 miles from the Bay. It's so beautiful here.

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  1. David leaves for Scout Camp next week (Jim is going too!), so I will be sniffling next week! It will go fast tho, I am sure, seeing as I will still have 3 kids at home! :o)
    Lovely pics of the Bay. You are lucky to live so close to that beautiful scenery!