Monday, May 31, 2010

For Those Who Served...

Happy Memorial Day! What a time to reflect on those who have served our country...those who came home, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Saturday JJ and I had the privilege of participating in welcoming the 'Nam Knights, a motorcycle club that is a part of Rolling Thunder. This club comes to DC every Memorial Day and rides their cycles by Arlington Cemetery, across the Memorial Bridge into DC and spends time at the Vietnam Memorial, the Wall, and also at the Law Enforcement Memorial. Then the 'Nam Knights cycle out our way and attends a cookout at the American Legion that sponsors our Boy Scout troop. JJ and I and several members of our troop lined the driveway to the Legion and waved our flags and welcomed the bikers as they arrived.

Fire trucks from 2 local departments sent their ladder trucks out to hold the American flag over the driveway.

Very cool.

Here they come...around 150 bikes this year. Down a bit from last year, I understand, but it was still an overwhelming sight and rather loud. Thus the "Rolling Thunder" name.

I cut off JJ's flag in the picture, but he did a good job. It was very bright out!

Our Scout representatives: Cub Scout Jeffrey, committee member Mike, Jesse, JJ, Bryan, and committee member and Cubmaster Jack.

Thanks to all who serve our country and who have served.

Remembering dad, who served 22 years as active duty in the Army and served 1 tour in Korea and 2 tours of Vietnam; all my uncles, who served various branches of the service for various lengths of time, and my father-in-law (still with us today), who served in the Navy.

We will never forget.

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  1. Patty~ No need to post this, just wanted to say HI and tell you what great pictures you put up. Also was really wanting to get back posting on the boards but so far no luck in getting any response. I had sent a private message to both JIll and Robin to ask permission to post again and they never unblocked me. I sure miss some of you.