Sunday, July 19, 2009

College Road Trip

The mammoth road trip we've just returned home from was a college road trip through the Midwest. Three official visits and one impromptu visit.

Last Tuesday we had a visit at Ohio State University in Columbus. O-H...I-O!

It was a nice campus with LOTS of construction going lots of improvements happening. Great tour guide...but this school ended at the bottom of JJ's list for the week. Although they had a great fitness facility and a very nice football stadium!

Tuesday night we arrived at our hotel in Lafayette, Indiana at suppertime and decided to attend a Summer Concert Band performance at Purdue University. They have a very interesting outdoor theater.

Part of the performance included a demonstration by a twirler from the school team named Rachel, who was excellent. She even twirled 3 batons on fire, all at once!

Thursday was our tour of the University of Wisconsin, in Madison. The campus is located between two lakes; the campus right on Lake Mendota, with Lake Monona just on the other side of town. This is a view from the Student Union, right on Lake Mendota, with the campus in the background:

The "Red Gym" is named such for obvious reasons! This is where we began our tour; it looks like a giant castle. It used to be an Armory, but is now used for Student Admissions.

We had a very informative and personable tour guide...Patrick was great! This school ended up at number 2 on JJ's list of schools for the week--number 3 overall (after Penn State).

Friday we visited JJ's favorite school of the week...tied for number 1 with Penn State...the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Trust me, there's more to Iowa than corn!

UI is located on the banks of the Iowa River and was devastated last summer during heavy rains when the river overflowed its banks and flooded the campus and Iowa City. Construction is ongoing to repair the damage, and is coming along nicely. We had a great tour here, and all of us were most impressed by the fact that all the class buildings are located right in the same area, and a short walk away from the residence halls.

I loved this building; it used to be the capital building for Iowa before the capital moved to Des Moines.

One factor JJ especially loved: the dorm rooms were huge and each room has its own sink. Very nice!

So, now the decision-making begins...and the application process. Senior year is going to be VERY busy!

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