Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yum, Sunday Dinner!

It's Sunday. Guess it's time for Sunday dinner.

I was in the mood for pot roast. Who isn't?

I decided to check the internet for a new recipe, and I came across my new favorite, the Pioneer Woman! She really does have some great recipes, and most of them are pretty easy to follow.

Here's her recipe here. I made a few small changes. Nothing too drastic.

I gathered my list of ingredients. Olive oil, chuck roast--3.5 pounds, carrots, onion, red wine. I added potatoes...Pioneer Woman prefers mashed potatoes, but I like the roasted-alongside-the roast-potatoes. I also used Beef Broth, but it didn't make the photo op.

After peeling the onion and cutting into about 4-6 pieces, I browned them in the pan, with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

I trimmed the ends and peeled 6 carrots.

Once the onions were nicely browned, I did the same with the carrots.

Then I did the same with the roast. Sides and all! I had to add a little more oil here.

I peeled and diced about 3 pounds of potatoes, but did not brown them as I did the rest of the items.

After pouring a cup of red wine in the pan and deglazing the bottom, I added the roast, onion, carrots, and potatoes, and poured enough beef broth to cover halfway up the side of the roast.

Cover with a lid (or in my case foil) and roast at 275 for about 4 hours.


Guess I could have tidied up the plate a bit, but why? I just cleaned it off a few minutes later anyway.

All that was missing was a glass of sweet tea.

Gotta love Sunday dinner!


  1. That looks delicious, I would probably add Worcestershire and ketchup :0)

  2. That looks really delicious. I might use this recipe and make it myself!