Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Bounty

I'm finally getting around to getting pictures up of my few Thanksgiving decorations. There aren't many, but it still feels festive.

At the driveway are my Thanksgiving flag and turkey sign that I bought at a craft show in Texas about 10 years ago.

This is a new addition this year; I bought it at WalMart and he greets you at the front door.

The dining room holds most of the decorations, since that is where we'll be spending most of our Thanksgiving Day...well, there and the kitchen! This is the front table; my leaf dish and a new harvest angel from CVS.

One floor lamp holds another harvest angel from CVS and a cute little turkey made of felt and a small clay pot. This was a gift from a CCD student way back when Nicky was in 1st grade, and one of his classmates made this for me.

The other floor lamp holds another leaf dish and my Beanie Baby turkey.
The magazine stand holds my Pilgrim couple, also from a craft show in Texas, and a cute handmade turkey from a craft show in Florida; this one must be at least 15 years old, if not older.

Here's where the action will take place tomorrow--the table! This is my harvest tablecloth and the centerpiece from Halloween.

This cutie is another Texas craft show purchase. Can you tell I love craft shows?

The sideboard has a cute scarecrow that I bought at WalMart this year--he matches the front door decoration. The cornucopia I bought at Safeway a number of years ago and this is the first year I've used it; I put some of the fake pumpkins and fruit from the table centerpiece in.

Our kitchen table has this lovely was a gift for me for Eric's birthday this year. I cool that I got a gift for HIS birthday! His parents sent this along for me with his present. The sunflowers match our kitchen!

The lone living room decorations are this turkey that I can't remember where I got him, and this cool shiny copper pumpkin from the Safeway floral department this year. Safeway has more than groceries!

I do love the holidays!

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