Friday, November 27, 2009

A Little Hike, A Little Rain, A Little...Hail?

We took advantage of our day off together to see something in the DC area we had never seen...Roosevelt Island, a little island in the middle of the Potomac River right near Rosslyn, Virginia. The temperature was cool, a little windy, but sunny. So off we went.

It was drizzling when we got there, and then the hail started. Hail??? What??? There was no storm, no anything--just ice clusters falling from the sky.

Looks like rain, doesn't it? Trust me, it was smaller than pea-sized, but it was hail.
After it let up, we decided to head out for our hike. Here's the view from the footbridge over the Potomac going to Roosevelt Island:
Can you see the rainbow over Rosslyn? Our reward for the unexpected hail and rain.
Welcome to Roosevelt Island!
The man of the hour...he has a nice area in Memorial Park, at the center of the island.
The trail was a little muddy and slippery with wet leaves, but a good hike. Here's the family leaving me in the dust, as usual.
The calm but cold Potomac River:
After our hike, we drove to Alexandria and ate lunch at this very good pizza place, Bugsy's.

I of course had the Chicken Caesar salad, in observance of my Weight Watchers lifestyle. But the kids tell me the pizza was awesome!
It was a good day.

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