Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Pi and Piggies

It's End Hunger Week in our county, and our schools are all participating in raising awareness of the problem. The grade levels are collecting canned goods, and on Friday there will be a dance for each grade level; admission is 2 cans of food.

The teachers have gotten in on the action, too; they had a contest, by department level, carving pumpkins. The jacks are all on display in the cafeteria and the students vote at lunchtime for their favorites by tossing coins or dollars in containers nearby. What's your favorite?

This one is compliments of the Art teacher and his helpers. Nice job...

This one is kind of creepy. Not sure who's responsible for this one.

Love the Spidey Jack!

I have no idea what this one is supposed to be. Someone told me it was unfinished. Maybe so.

Ooh, scary!

See the formulas on the pumpkin? Compliments of the Math department. Pumpkin Pi, get it?

This one looks like some of our students. LOL!

And now for my own personal the Home Ec teacher and one of the Science teachers:
Oh, no, it's the Piggy Flu! Complete with hypodermic needle.

Now where's my wallet? Gotta go vote for the swine!

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