Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Has Arrived at Our House!

I finally got the rest of the Halloween decorations out. I have 4 boxes full and don't put out nearly that much, so I guess it's time to pare down a bit.

Cathymac at Magical Holiday Home, a very fun site I frequent, is hosting a Fall Tour of Homes on her blog, Haunted Hamlet.

Check out her blog and all the fabulous homes decorated for the fall!

Here's what greets you at our driveway:

It's my friendly pumpkin sign and scarecrow garden flag. If you look closely you can see the raindrops...we are having quite the rain today! We haven't been able to find out ghost and tombstone signs this year. They've vanished. Hopefully we'll find them with the Christmas decorations!

The front my light-up pumpkin! It looks very festive tonight in the dark rain. I've posted the corner picture already, but I love it, so I'm posting it again.

The wreath in the window is one I made years ago of yarn wrapped around a wire coat hanger. I wish I still had the pattern. There are little Halloween signs glued on.

Inside the front door is this cute little witch. (I know, right next to the Christmas quilt!)

The dining room has lots of little things, like the round table that used to belong to my parents.

The leaf dish I picked up at AC Moore this year, in 3 different colors. The ceramic pumpkin came from CVS last year. I love the spider candle holder! (There are 3 of these as well.) The lamp, trinket box, and candle in the back were all my mom's, and the candy dish was a gift from her. Those are out all the time.

I love the tablecloth on our table, but it's a tad small. I love the pumpkins, though. The centerpiece is just a decorative container with faux pumpkins, leaves, fruit, etc.

The sideboard has a cute Hallmark light-up train set, a couple of Halloween Beanie Babies, another spider tealight, a cute scarecrow from WalMart, and a pumpkin tray with real gourds.

There is no overhead lighting in the dining room, as it was originally intended to be a living room, so we have lots of lamps! Here's one of the floor Longaberger basket from last year, a Beanie ghost, a crocheted pumpkin from a craft show, and a Target tealight.

Our other floor lamp has yet another Beanie Baby, another of the leaf dishes, and a cute black pail with a jack o'lantern face from the Target Dollar Spot. (We are ready for flu season with the box of Kleenex!)

This antique magazine rack came from my mother-in-law. There is a stuffed pumpkin below, and on top is an old light-up jack o'lantern that was mine when I was little. The plug is long gone, but I still put it out every year.

Doesn't look so bad for 30-something, does it? (Ahem, maybe 40-something!)

The kitchen table has some nice fall placemats, courtesy of AC Moore, and my trifle bowl with mini pumpkins and gourds. Simple, yet festive.

Our kitchen island has a cute scarecrow basket I bought last year--I think another AC Moore purchase. The very cool green pumpkin Nicky picked out at the pumpkin patch over the weekend. And of course I must have my Yankee Candle Frosted Pumpkin! Wish you could smell it now...yum!

On to the living of the end tables has the last of the 3 leaf dishes and another Target tealight.

The other end table has the last of the 3 spider tealights and my very fun Mr. Potato Head I bought last year. It has a ghost costume, too, but then you can't see his face!

The top of the TV holds 2 ghost Beanie Babies, next to my favorite stained glass candle holders. My son was watching Scrubs when I snapped this picture, so that's Dr. Cox you see on TV.

Here's part of the shelf that runs the entire length of one wall...this has been up since September. Lots of fall flowers and a leaf runner. This should last through Thanksgiving.

On the fireplace is my pumpkin bear from Build-a-Bear and a dried gourd decorated as a jack o'lantern. I hosted a Bunko party about 10 years ago and this was the big Bunko prize...I won!

I hope you enjoyed my decorations. We like 'em. :)

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!


  1. real pretty! I love that so many of your decorations have memories attached to them.

  2. Very beautiful decorations. I love your front entrance!

  3. Love the decorations. So many memories you have.

  4. How pretty. Your entrance is very nice. I, too, love the stories to go with your items.

  5. Lovely! love all the pumpkins!