Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mary at Mattaponi

My friend Teresa and I are Boy Scout religious emblems counselors. In addition to earning merit badges and rank badges, Scouts have the option of earning medals relating to the faith of their chosen religion. JJ and Teresa's son Stevie earned the last emblem for the Catholic faith today, the Pope Pius XII emblem. The 2 of them, along with another friend who could be there today, have been working hard on this since September. Today was the culmination of all that hard work, as they had to sit with a Board of Review, made up of their peers (Scouts who have already earned this award). They passed with flying colors and will be recognized at a special Mass in May, with the Archbishop of Washington in attendance. Congratulations to both boys!

They were unable to attend the original Board date, as it was during our spring break, so the committee very graciously offered this date as a makeup. We met at a retreat held at a beautiful campground maintained by the Archdiocese of Washington, Our Lady of Mattaponi. Here she is:

The whole camp was on a beautiful section of land. Very peaceful. I'm glad we didn't miss out on this. The original Board date was held at the offices near downtown DC...not the fun part with the monuments. Nah--this was way better!

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