Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beach Bums,Golf (the Mini Kind) and Trivia

What a fun day! We spent today walking on the beach and laying beside the pool. It was wonderfully relaxing. Here is today's obligatory ocean shot for you.

We went mini-golfing tonight before supper and had a lovely time. The Spy Glass in Myrtle Beach is a fun place...shooting cannons in the water and lots of difficult holes.
Eric won by a mile, with a score of 43, followed by me with a fabulous (not) score of 50. JJ had a 53, and Nick brought the game home with a 55. Needless to say, none of us will be playing in the Masters any time soon!

We had supper at the Liberty Taproom. 

Good food,  but the real treat was the live trivia contest they held tonight. I have played live trivia with my brother before and had a great time, but bombed. Tonight the four of us won the whole pot...a $50 tab!!!! It paid for our supper tonight!

Big winner question: put the following events in chronological order, starting with the earliest...debut of Saturday Night Live, killing of 10 Israeli Olympic athletes, Elvis gets inducted into the Army, and Helen Keller dies. Tune in tomorrow for the answer!

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