Monday, April 13, 2009

Farewell, Spring Break 2009

And so ends another Spring Break. (Sob!) today is the last day before school starts back up, and I've already got a sub job lined up for tomorrow.

Here's one last shot of the Grand Strand:

I have been remiss in answering the trivia question we won with the other night at Liberty's. The question: put in order the following events--debut of Saturday Night Live, killing of 10 Israeli Olympics athletes, Elvis gets inducted into the Army, and Helen Keller dies. The answer:

1) Elvis is inducted into the Army (1958)
2) Helen Keller dies (1968)
3) Killing of 10 Israeli Olympic athletes (1972)
4) Saturday Night Live debuts (1975)

I still can't believe we won first place!

And as the sun sets on another Spring Break...

...we look forward to a rapid close to the school year and are greatly anticipating summer vacation!

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